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Go for the goal

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

What goals do you have for this week? For your work? For your self-care? If we don't know where we want to go we may struggle with how to move forward. I know that I've felt the days blend together over the past couple weeks while social distancing but setting goals helps me to not just count the days but make the days count.

Setting goals is a HUGE part of what we do here at Roots Music Therapy Services. After a two-session assessment that explores the client's needs, culture, musical background, and strengths we create an individualized treatment plan with the client/caregivers that includes goals and objectives.

For example:

Kim is an adult with special needs who lives in a group home. She has a hard time with disruptions to her routine. This stay at home order is really shaking things up and Kim's stress has shown by yelling at her roommates and then isolating in her room. After communicating with Kim and her caregivers we decide to work on increasing positive coping skills and emotional expression.

Here's an example of how I might set goals and objectives for music therapy with Kim:

Goal 1: Increase positive coping skills

Objective: Given structured fill in the blank songwriting to the song "My Favorite things" Kim will be able to name three coping skills that she can use independently at her group home

Objective: Given movement to music Kim will be able to gain an understanding of using movement/dance to music as a coping skill when she gets frustrated

Goal 2: Increase emotional expression

Objective: Given a musical 'check-in' song Kim will be able to express if she is feeling 'Great','Okay', or 'Down' in response to the question, "How are you feeling today?"

This is a simplified example but perhaps it will give you an idea of our therapeutic process. While Music Therapy has been around as a profession for over 50 years many people are still unsure about what our services look like or how people can benefit. If you are ever curious to learn more please reach out to us!

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